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Trash bin cleaning services
Trash bin cleaning services

Why BaycarePRO

Say Good Bye to Dirty bins and Germs & Bacteria

Deep cleaning with 200℉ high-pressure water eliminates common pathogens.
Disinfect/Sanitize EPA list N disinfectant (effective for Human Coronavirus SARS2 & COVID-19)
Deodorize to prevent & neutralize odors, leaving a fresh scent

Convenient & Easy
Curbside cleaning scheduled the day after trash collection
Auto payment and reminders, and easy scheduling
Bin valet service to desired location after cleaning

Minimal water usage by high temp & pressure cleaning
EPA approved cleaning products used
Our truck captures, contains, and safely disposes cleaning water

Trash Bin Cleaning Process

how_it_works_sec_list_icon Sign-up & Schedule Service

On signing up, you get an automated schedule of our service based on your trash collection day and location.

how_it_works_sec_list_icon Leave bins out 1 more day after collection day

We will send 1 week or 1-day reminders via text or email to ensure you never miss out on the scheduled dates.

how_it_works_sec_list_icon Enjoy the CLEAN Bins

We will do curbside trash can cleaning followed by Bin valet service to the desired location.

Meet The Best Garbage Bin Cleaners

Tired of dirty and smelly garbage bins at your residential property? BaycarePRO has the solution. Our top-notch recycle bin cleaning services are designed specifically for residential areas in and around San Jose. Trash bins in residential neighborhoods can quickly become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and germs. But don’t worry, our trained cleaners are here to help.

We go beyond a simple rinse and emptying. Our team thoroughly sanitizes and deodorizes your bins, ensuring they are free from pests and bacteria. With our non-harmful detergents and chemicals, we prioritize cleanliness and environmental friendliness. You can have peace of mind knowing that our cleaning methods have minimal impact on the environment.

We offer competitive pricing plans tailored to meet the specific needs of residential properties trash can cleaning services. Our goal is to provide you with a fresh and pleasant living environment, free from the hassle of dealing with dirty trash bins.

Say goodbye to smelly and infested trash cans. Contact our residential trash bin cleaning professionals today and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner and healthier home with smelling fresh environment.

Trash bin cleaning services
Trash bin cleaning services
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Expert Trash Bin Cleaning Services

No more stinking garbage cans with fear of infections by bacteria and germs!
BaycarePRO is here to take care of the filthy, smelly, and pest-infected trash cans with professional trash can cleaning.

Pressure Washing

Our professional cleaners do pressure washing to remove stubborn grease and clinging bits of dirt from the trash cans.


Let us handle the gross garbage bins outside your home with residential trash bin cleaning services.



$29.99 /month(4wks)
  • 1 Bin included
  • $15 Per additional bins
  • Minimum 3 visits
  • Visit every 4 weeks
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$49.99 /3 Months(12wks)
  • 1 Bin included
  • $20 per additional bins
  • Minimum 2 visits
  • visits every 12 weeks
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One Time

  • 1 Bin included
  • $25 per additional bins
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  • Cupertino
  • Saratoga
  • Monte Sereno
  • Los Gatos
  • West San Jose
  • Campbell
  • Cambrian Park
  • Willow Glen
  • Almaden
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Due to different collection times for different type of bins(trash, recycle, compost/yard) and inconsistent schedules, we'd like to wait one more day to ensure all bins are empty for cleaning.

You can submit reschedule or cancel request by logging into your account, you can find the log in link at the site menu.

You can view your cleaning schedule by logging into your account, you can find the log in link at the site menu.

Cleaning will be automatically rescheduled to next week. And if rescheduled cleaning is missed again, it will be cancelled with no charge. We will visit again on the next scheduled date.

Trash bin cleaning services
Trash bin cleaning services